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1920s Cloisonné Pendant

Today’s #FeaturedFriday piece is a wonderful example of 1920s Cloisonné work.

Today we have a pretty pendant made using the enamelled Cloisonné technique. This style of decoration started around the early C12th BC, making it one of the earliest styles of jewellery design.

To make these pieces thin metal wire is attached to a base shape to form the design desired. The spaces between the wire is then filled with enamel before being fired in a kiln.

This specific pendant dates to the middle of the 1920’s, and has been hand made.

You can see some more stunning examples of Cloisonné jewellery on our Cloisonné Pinterest Board.

This necklace has now sold, but pop along to a market to see what vintage Cloisonné pieces we have in stock.