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ReCreating a neiger Brother’s Necklace

Here is a fantastic video (we think) showing Clara hard at work rebuilding a 1920’s beaded necklace. The original beads were made by the Neiger brothers who were from Gablonz in Czechoslovakia.

Max and Norbert Neiger were experts at working with Bohemian glass, creating many and varied fabulous designs to use in their jewellery. Active from from 1905 through the 1930s, they are most well known for their Egyptian Revival designs which capitalised on the craze during the roaring 20’s.

In the case of our necklace it consists of several glass beads shaped like Egyptian Scarab beetles in a pillarbox red glass, accented with green detailing. We have taken our pattern from a combination of two known complete necklaces to restore this item.

The first is a from a necklace originally owned by Barbette von Arnheim (1874-1942) which can be seen in Carter’s Guide to Antiques. The second was previously sold by Gadelle’s. Both feature the same designs of beads that we acquired loose, strung in slightly different patterns.