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We are proud to be able to announce that Glitzy Vintage Jewellery are now working with Ecologi to help improve our climate impact.

We are charting our progress with Ecologi open and public here.

Ecologi is the UK’s leading all in one climate platform. A certified B Corporation, founded in 2019, Ecologi enables businesses to calculate their carbon footprint and support high-quality climate action projects. To date, Ecologi’s community of over 20,000 businesses have collectively prevented 2.8 million tonnes of CO2e emissions from entering our atmosphere through supporting verified carbon avoidance projects, as well as funding the responsible planting of over 70 million trees globally.

This is only the latest in a series of steps we are taking to help reduce the impact that we as people, and as a business have on the global environment. Carbon offsetting is the act of compensating for our emissions by funding an equivalent amount of carbon avoidance or removal.

While our overall aim is to become carbon neutral, and help to achieve Net-Zero by 2030; we do not believe this can be achieved via purchasing verified greenhouse gas avoidance or removal credits alone. We do believe they will play an important part in helping to handle our unavoidable emissions generated via travel to markets, events, shipping and through our supply chain.

For more information about our overall Environmental commitments please review our policy page.

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