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Nottinghamshire County Show 2022

On Saturday 14th May we headed North for the first County Show of 2022 – the Nottinghamshire County Show held at Newark Showground.

The day started early for us as we arrived at the Showground as soon as we could after the gates opened – we know we take a long time to set up, and we had extra Jubilee products and decorations ready for this one!
One big advantage of getting to our pitch early was that we were on the main road from the exhibitors entrance so we could see some wonderful vehicles arrived to display – including this CVRT and vintage tractor.

We FINALLY got set up just in time for the main gates opening to the general public, which was a good thing as you all turned up in your thousands for this years Nottinghamshire County Show – we are pretty sure the lovely sunny weather helped with your plans.
Throughout the day so many of you lovely people popped over to visit the stall, and to meet our mascot Penny the Greyhound (who was hiding in the shade at the back of the stall!) that we didn’t get too much of a chance to really look around the showground.

In our brief wanderings some of the highlights included watching the Young Farmers Lawnmower Racing, and seeing the rare breed sheep and goats in the Village Green – the morris dancers were good too!

On another brief walkabout Kyle was highly impressed with this steam engine running over next to the main entrance – though he was really disappointed the milkshake van opposite it had sold out before lunch time! Lesson learned, in 2023 have milkshakes for breakfast…

Finally, we couldn’t leave our summary of the Nottinghamshire County Show without mentioned the absolute highlight of the day – the flyover from the BBMF Lancaster Bomber PA474. We were super pleased to see her, as neither of us had seen her since before the COVID lockdowns kicked in in 2020. Glitzy Vintage were very privileged to have her actually fly directly over our stall on two of the three passes she made.